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    New to Qlik- Understanding Static Visuals vs Dynamic

    Kaitlyn Wagner

      Hi all


      I am an extremely new user to Qlik with minimal training. I have tried watching some video tutorials but i fear that my lack of knowledge henders my searching for the right answer, so I hope you can help!

      All my charts are built, but where i am struggling is how to make One chart Static and the other dynamic. Here is my scenario:


      Example: How many days does it take for our product (let's say Jam Jars) to make it from a wholesaler warehouse back to our corporate office.


      I have three charts total:


      Chart One: a bar chart that shows our days at the warehouse by count of orders pending and needs to remain STATIC (unchanged regardless of filters)


      Chart Two: a Tree Chart to show the order distribution between each wholesaler (so we can see who has the most orders vs smallest).


      Chart Three: The exact same as chart one, however i do not want this to be static and instead correlate with my tree chart selection



      What the final results would look like:

      Chart One gives me an understanding of overall, which is why it's important that it does not change.

      Chart two will allow me to select wholesalers who have a higher volume in orders, then chart two will give me the ability to compare against my chart one.


      Anyone can help?