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    Mapping a drive to the QDF Framework results in reload errors because '### QDF Info, Shared Global Variables using cache'

    Andy Ritting

      I'm using the QDF Framework version 1.7.1 but I think this also affected 1.7.


      I install the framework to C:\Qv-Docs\SourceDocs\01.DWQLIKDEV-LOCAL on my pc


      or I install it to E:\Qv-Docs\SourceDocs\01.DWQLIKDEV on the server.  I copy the container contents from the server to my pc.


      I map a drive Q:  to the \\localhost path to the framework on my pc so it is easier to get to all the files and I may have the copy of the QDF containers on different paths among the several computers I use so the mapped Q:\ drive keeps things consistent.


      When I reload my applications using the Q:\ mapped drive the vG.Shared* variables do not get updated and if I delete these variables from the qlik application they do not get reloaded.



      I would like to figure out how to use the QDF framework on a network drive letter

      and have the framework load these programs:

      ### QDF Info, 2.GenericContainerLoader.qvs  Started'

      vL.temp_table_map << ContainerMap 3 Lines fetched

      vL.temp_table_map 3 Lines fetched

      '### QDF Info, found Shared container, mounting as vG.SharedBasePath'