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    Monitoring App Error Qlik Sense

    Shahzad Ahsan

      Hi Everyone

      I cannot see any data in monitoring app.




      I tried to schedule a task, but failed.

      PFA log file

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          sam karsenty

          Hii Ahsan,

          It looks like a database authorization problem, so there is no data.


              2018-01-07 14:09:50      Error: Connector reply error: Unable to connect to database:

              2018-01-07 14:09:50          Error message:

              2018-01-07 14:09:50      Please check the values for Username‚ Password‚ Host and other properties.

              2018-01-07 14:09:50      Description: Access credentials are not valid for this connection.


          You should ask from the database administrator permission to access the data.

          Hope I helped.

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            Riccardo Zenere

            Hi Shahzad,


            regarding the error pointed out by samuel, I think this is not the case.

            From QS September 2017 there is also the possibility to install a repository to store the logs.

            Unluckily, logs are also stored as files (as usual). Monitoring Apps (Operations, License, Log, Reloads, Sessions) have now a variable in the script, that can be configured to:

            a) read logs only from the new repository

            b) read logs only from files

            c) both

            By default the variable is set to read both from logs and files, so a connection test to the repository is done.

            In case the repository has not been set (or the credentials are wrong) you'll get the said error.


            Regarding the 401 error you're receiving at the end of the log, are you using form authentication?

            Monitoring apps use also REST connections that requires you to have a Virtual Proxy with Windows authentication. This can also be a different VP (not the default one), so you can set a new one only for monitoring apps and you can modify each connection to point to that VP.


            Hope this helps




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              Ennio Aoki

              Same issue here. Found in November Patch 1 and 2 documentation something that looks like related with this.


              But didn't find this lines to edit them:


              Workaround: When upgrading to November 2017 release and using Reloads Monitor for first time, either request the September 2017 version of the Reloads Monitor from Qlik or modify the script of the November 2017 Reloads Monitor as follows:

              • In the defineFields section, replace lines 16 and 17 with “Lower(Hostname) as Hostname,”
              • In the database_load section, replace lines 41 and 42 with: “stop_time”, “executing_node_name”
              • Also in database_load section, replace lines 14 and 15 with “Lower(process_host) as Hostname”


              I'll try to apply the patch and ping you later.