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    San Juan, Puerto Rico is not coming as bubble on map [Qlik Sense + Geo analytic]


      Hi All,


      We have city 'San Juan' in 'Puerto Rico' country. We are showing bubble like 'San Juan, Puerto Rico', but that city is not plotting on map.


      Qlik is not have this country on map where as on Google map 'Puetro Rico' is showing. Please consider below images:


      Puerto Rico is coming in Google map



      Puerto Rico is not coming in Qlik Map



      We can not use lat long to display this 'San Juan' city on map. As you can see in above Qlik map, 'Puerto Rico' is not showing anywhere, in Google map 'Puerto Rico' is coming next to 'Dominican Republic'.


      My Findings:

      1. Checked on google and changed 'San Juan' as 'San Juan County'. But it will not resolve our issue.

      2. We are using base map as 'Empty (Mercator)'.

      When i am changing base map as 'Default Server Rendered', I can see 'Puerto Rico' country. But that is not happening in the case of 'Mercator'. We cannot change the base map.


      In case of 'Default Rendered' map 'Puerto Rico' is coming as below:




      How can we get rid of this issue?



      Dilip Solanki