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    How to show the last 3 months of data on a bar chart

    Mor Rave

      I created the measure : Sum(Aggr(Count(DISTINCT {<KPI_DESC = {'Data Accuracy'}>} Routine), DR_GID, Country))

      I am trying to show the last 3 months of the measure above on a bar chart when selecting a specific month (example:  Select June 2017 and display April, May & June 2017 data).  I also need to be able to further filter that data on other filters .

      my data bases is :










      2017113020174112007654Data AccuracyDenmark
      2017103020174101954984Data AccuracyDenmark
      201712302017412193777Data AccuracySwitzerland
      20170830201738194265Data AccuracySwitzerland
      20170730201727883289Data AccuracySwitzerland
      201706302017261952569Data AccuracyUnited States
      201711302017411193894Data ConsistencySwitzerland
      201711302017411914884Data ConsistencySwitzerland
      2017113020174111954527Data AccuracyUnited States
      201711302017411887302Data AccuracySwitzerland
      201711302017411194285Data ConsistencySwitzerland
      201711302017411914902Data ConsistencySwitzerland


      I want to know what is supposed to be the new measure and the chart dimensions

      if I want to choose every time different year/month and present the last 3 months which field I need to choose as a filter? 


      Any help would be appreciated