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    Help: Preview and Task Execution taking a long time. Please help me understand performance and resolving this issue?

    Michael Wallman



      I have NPrinting June 2017 installed and created some PixelPerfect and PowerPoint reports.


      1) When I try to Preview my reports from the Reports menu, they do not preview and I get a message saying 'It has taken more than 10 minutes. Hint: Create a scheduled task'


      2) So I create a task and execute it but this never completes (always under the status of Running in Task executions page) or it never produces anything in NewsStand.


      This is some information about my set-up:


      1 NPrinting App with 4 Connections

      2) The report I am running only has two charts, both bar charts with no more than 10 dimensions so it is not a big PixelPerfect report

      3) The related QlikView apps load metadata fine in NPrinting

      4) The folder destinations use a UNC file path and I checked the syntax of the path and made sure it is correct


      I am stuck on what to investigate next.


      Anyone able to help why is the Preview option not working? And subsequently why is the Task Execution not executing properly?