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      Hi experts,


      I need your help to choose which is the best solution for my architecture.


      I've got a QlikSense Server (november 2017 Patch 1) on a hosted zone in my company.


      On this zone, i've got five differents customers connected directly through firewalls, with five differents AD.


      I made UDCs on Qlik Sense Server with LDAP filter to retrieve only the users and groups who need to be authenticate. This part is ok.


      Now, I have to implement a SSO free software (free, yes please)  to make the authentification to be passed in SAML to Qlik Sense Server as it doesn't do the authentification.


      Am I right ? Is it the best solution ? Do anyone of you already implement this architecture ? Which SSO free software was used ?


      I had a look at WSO2. It seems to be as perfect as I think for this solution. Right ?


      Thanks for your help.