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    QlikSense Desktop Installation Failed

    Logeshkumar Gunasekaran



      I am trying to install Qliksense Desktop in my computer. However installation ends up with an error.


      While viewing the set up folder log, i could find the issue at the below line;


      MSI (s) (5C:C4) [10:20:11:642]: Running as a service.

      MSI (s) (5C:C4) [10:20:11:658]: Hello, I'm your 32bit Impersonated custom action server.

      CAQuietExec:  Error 0x80070002: Command failed to execute.

      CAQuietExec:  Error 0x80070002: QuietExec Failed

      CAQuietExec:  Error 0x80070002: Failed in ExecCommon method

      CustomAction CA_ConvertToUTF8 returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)

      MSI (s) (5C:44) [10:20:12:622]: User policy value 'DisableRollback' is 0

      MSI (s) (5C:44) [10:20:12:622]: Machine policy value 'DisableRollback' is 0

      Action ended 10:20:12: InstallFinalize. Return value 3.


      I could see the same issue has been reported by various users across the qlik community page. From all those suggested solutions, i have tried some of the below ideas;


      1) Try installing with the administrator credentials.

      2) Change the personal folder path to an local path in registry editor -> Current Users -> Microsoft -> Windows -> User Shell Scripts


      Unfortunately, both the options doesn't work.


      Kindly give me an suggestion on this.