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    Qlikview SNMP - error


      We are trying to do a "SNMP Walk" through a windows 20008 server with a QV-environment, and Qlikview seems to crash the walk of the SNMP-tool.

      It looks as if qlikview aren't sending an answer back - or do not send the next OID, which stoppes the walk through the servers OIDs.


      The QV-server documentation states, that initial-status of the SNMP of different qv-services having to do with Publisher is set to disable, but still read-able.

      What the case is with the qvs-service is not clear to me.


      To solve the problem we have tried:


      1. To change the SNMPPort of the Qlikview server to 999 - in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Qliktech\QlikviewServer\Setting 7

      - But it didn't make any change. The SNMP-tool is still crashing.


      2. Disable the Qlikview Server SNMP-agent by setting EnableSNMP = 0 in the same HKEY-place.

      - but it didn't help.


      Does anybody know, why or what causes this problem?

      And how to solve it?


      I guess a work-around could be to make the Qlikview SNMP's totally silent/disabled - is that possible?


      Thanks in advange.