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    Strava Connector - feature requests

    Alex Walker



      I've been playing with the new Strava connector recently and have a couple of feature requests that would make it even better (for demos and also for use):


      Firstly the ability to extract more than ~200 records of Friends' Activity - perhaps by allowing a detailed Activity extract per Athlete (which we can loop through in Qlik Sense as required)? For now I'm caching the results and then loading new ones so I should build up a history over time.


      Secondly the ability to get the polylines so we can get detailed mapping - currently the Routes only return a map_id, not the summary_polyline or polyline that you should be able to get (see Routes  and Polylines and Google Polylines). Of course it's be great to have the polyline interpreted in such a way that it could be fed to Qlik Sense maps or GeoAnalytics, but being able to get the polyline first would be a step in the right direction.


      Any ideas if these are going to come in future versions or if there's a way to get this now?