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    Dynamic Variables

    Arvind Kumar Jha



      I would like to create a variable with varying conditions depending on the month of the quarter, i have used below formulae for the same in Data Load editor:


      if Mod(Month(Today()),3)=0 then

      Set vTest = Sum({$<[Projection.Period]={'$(=Max([Projection.Period],2))'}>} [Projection.Projection]) ;


      elseif Mod(Month(Today()),3)=1 then

      Set vTest = Sum([Projection.Projection]);



      Set vTest = Sum({$<[Projection.Period]={'$(=Max([Projection.Period]))'}>} [Projection.Projection) ;


      end if;


      I have used these variables in application but it's not working except for the part where set analysis is not there

      Why set analysis cannot be computed in if statement?