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    QVW appears twice in AccessPoint

    John Anderson


      We are running a QlikView Server, Version 11.20 SR17.


      I've seen this question asked a number of times in the forum but the answers have not helped in my case.


      See screenshot of AccessPoint below.  It shows the same report twice.  Capture.JPG

      We run Publisher and all of our viewable reports are stored in subfolders of the \Report Destination\ folder on the D:\ drive.


      This particular report resides in D:\Report Destination\STATE


      I've scanned the entire D:\ for duplicate file names but there are none.  I've checked the QMC folder settings but can't see how its picking this up twice.  (see screenshot).



      Is it possible we have an error or corruption in the QVPR / Publisher settings? 


      Any other thoughts about what I might look for?


      Thank you,


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          Tim Driller



          Do you have distributed it twice like following screenshot. But in this case you shoud have found a duplicate on your Server. Do you checked your root Folder too?

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              John Anderson

              Hello Tim,


              Thank you very much for responding with your suggestion.  Its a good one.


              Unfortunately no.  As you can see from the screenshot there is only a single distribution.


              Note the following about this job though:

              • It reloads every five minutes and saves to the Mount of "STATE".
              • It has PDF reports produced once per day at 7am, 11am and 3pm but these do not have any distribution location set.





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                  Tim Driller

                  seems fine for me.

                  1) i think you already tried deleting all user documents and distribute them again.

                       if not please try and see what happens.


                  2) i can see in your first screenshot that both files have different update times


                  3) do you made any changes in the reduce tab?






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                Peter Cammaert

                When this happens, it may have a simple cause: did you make a backup of document "THS - Patient Flow.qvw" in a subfolder? Then check whether that subfolder is part of the directory tree starting in either your Document Root or in one of your Mounted folders. QVS will scan all those folders and their subdirectories for documents to show in the AP.


                Backups and Archived copies should be stored away from the Document root or any Mounted folders.