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    Stock movement synthesis in table

    Haidar Haj Ali



      I have the following structure of table to log in the stock movement:


      INITEM 1STOCK 101/01/2017
      INITEM 2STOCK 101/01/2017
      INITEM 3STOCK 201/01/2017
      OUTITEM 1STOCK 115/01/2017
      INITEM 1STOCK 215/01/2017
      INITEM 4STOCK 116/01/2017
      INITEM 5STOCK 116/01/2017
      INITEM 6STOCK 220/01/2017
      OUTITEM 5STOCK 128/01/2017


      And I need to display a table with the actual Items of my stocks, any idea ?


      So results of data above may be as following:


      STOCK 1ITEM 2
      STOCK 1ITEM 4
      STOCK 2ITEM 3
      STOCK 2ITEM 1
      STOCK 2ITEM 6


      Thanks a lot for your help.