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    Qlik Sense Sheet Styler Lite

    Ajay Kakkar

      I am really Happy to go through Qlik sense Dev Help for Feb Version as it has Themes which can be made as extension, and very happy about the approach i have taken to style QS Sheets based on objects is the same way Qlik is doing waow.

      Hi everyone as promised Qlik Sense STYLER LITE is now available for use, it has improved UI and Property panel than old version's

      Old version of Qlik Sense use this extension

      Advantage's in QS Styler Lite:

      • Qlik Sense 3.2+ versions are supposed
      • Very lightweight extension
      • Powerful styling options same as this version
      • Styling Theme is applied to all qlik sense objects in the Sheet.

      Select Style Type

      • Manually Select Object's and style theme: select and add any visualization objects to style it
      • Select Sheet Style: example style list

      Basic Sheet Settings

      • Custom Google Font: almost all google fonts check out https://fonts.google.com/ for more information
      • Change Sheet Title: enables you to change sheet title
      • Hide Title Bar: hide title bar3
      • Sheet Title: custom sheet title with expression support
      • Sheet Title Height: set title bar height
      • Sheet Title Font Size: font size of title
      • Sheet Title Image Width: set width of title image [198px max]
      • Background Image: enable background image
      • Sheet Background Color: set custom Sheet Background Color
      • Sheet Background Image: set custom Sheet Background Image
      • Sheet Background Image[url]: set custom url for Sheet Background Image
      • Object Active color[edit mode only]: change active color when object is selected

      Object Styling & Advance Settings

      • Transparent all the objects? : makes all object background Transparent
      • Ignore style for KPI and Text-Image Object? : Ignores custom style for KPI and Text-Image Objects in sheet [can manually add KPI and Text-Image in ‘Add More Objects’ option]
      • Add border to objects container? : adds border to objects container only and not to overall object
      • Object border css: border css example: 1px solid rgb(68, 119, 170)
      • Object Top Margin: top margin between header and object container
      • Custom Action Style? : enables custom action buttons
      • Action Button Top Align: align action buttons from top
      • Object Title Background color: title background color
      • Object Title color: title text color
      • Object Title Font Size: change font size of title
      • Object Title Font Width: change font width
      • Object Title Padding Top: top padding
      • Object Title Padding Bottom: top bottom
      • Object Title Padding Right: top right
      • Object Title Padding Left: top left
      • Object's container Background Color: object container background color
      • Action Button color [after fullscreen]: change action button color

      Table Styling & Advance Settings

      • Apply style for Pivot? : pivot table support
      • Table color: text color
      • Table Background color: background color
      • Table Hover Background color: hover background color
      • Table Hover color: hover text color
      • Total Top color: text color
      • Total Top Background color: background color
      • Total Top Hover Background color: hover background color
      • Total Top Hover color: hover text color
      • Total Bottom color: text color
      • Total Bottom Background color: background color
      • Total Bottom Hover Background color: hover background color
      • Total Bottom Hover color: hover text color
      • Total Odd color: Odd row background color
      • Total Even color: Even row background color

      Add More Objects

      • add more objects to style example extension objects Selection Bar Styling & Settings
      • Hide Selection Bar: hides selection bar
      • Selection Bar Background color: change Background color
      • Selection Bar Button Background color: change Button Background color
      • Selection Bar Text color: change text color
      • Selection Bar Item color: change selected field item color
      • Selection Bar Item Hover color: change hover selected field item color

      Export Layout

      • Show Layout Style: views a text area with current style




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