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    Nprinting Expression

    soundarya meenakshi



      I heard like, NPrinting 17 upgrade will not support bookmark for a while. I need some suggestion for the below scenario.



      1 ) I need to produce a report that consists only 15 days data(say Reported date),



      2) In Npritning i have added an filter xpression like today()+today()+15 for the reported date field



      3 ) I have recipient import which have filter (Say prodcut)



      4) The Npritning producing report well if the filter has data for the 15 days.



      5) The Npriting doesnt work if the filter has not data for the 15 days, instead it is producing data for all the dates avaible in the Reported date list box. I enabled evaluate in the Nprinting , if there is no data for the certain filer i need to send empty reports to the users, so if i give verify filter that wont be working.



      Is there any way to overcome it ?