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    How to handle - 'This Selection generated no data'

    aditya kalia

      Hi All,


      We are using a Bar chart with

      Measure -



      Count(Distinct {<[Is Engaged Flag?]={1}>} PartyMonthID)


      Count(Distinct total [Party ID])



      Dimension - 1) Month Year

                          2) Channel Type

      For certain selections, the 'numerator' in above expression Count(Distinct {<[Is Engaged Flag?]={1}>} PartyMonthID) results into 'This selection generated no data for this chart' as for these selection [Is Engaged Flag?] is null (which is the business logic) and because of this our chart dimension appears as '-' instead of showing the corresponding Month Year and also the chart color also become off. Refer to the image attached.


      We tried using the Alt(Count(Distinct {<[Is Engaged Flag?]={1}>} PartyMonthID), Count(Distinct {$-<[Is Engaged Flag?]={'*'}>} PartyMonthID) ) to deal with Null values, but is this the best way to handle the situation or there is another better approach and an underlying fact which we are missing out.


      It would be great if anyonecould help us in this regards.


      Thanks in advance,