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    Dynamic Show/Hide based on conditions

    Arvind Kumar Jha

      Hello Team,


      I would like to know the feasilbility of a particular aspect in Qliksense [Pivot Table].


      In the first month of quarter say January i would like to show 2 measures  like Q3'18 and Q4'18


      In the second month of quarter say February i would like to show 3 measures  like Q3'18 , Q4'18 and Jan'18


      In the third month of quarter say March i would like to show 4 measures  like Q3'18 , Q4'18 ,Jan'18,Feb'18


      Can i use show/hide conditions for the above situation?


      Basically i will create all the measures but visibility should be dynamic as it will not have values.


      For example in first month of quarter Jan'18,Feb'18 will not have values.