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    [Qlik Sense] Set Analysis Last Month in pivot table

    Justin Pham

      Hi guys,


      I have a problem with Set Analysis Last Month in pivot table

      My data:  TransDate, Product Code, Quantity

      I'd like compare 2 value :  This Month & Last Month  Quantity by Product Code ( Examples : Feb-2017 Vs. Jan-2017)

      Then I try Measure Last Month


      Set Analysis Last Month :
      ,[TransDate.autoCalendar.Date]={">=$(=MonthStart(Max([TransDate.autoCalendar.Date]),-1)) <=$(=MonthEnd(Max([TransDate.autoCalendar.Date]),-1))"}>} Quantity)


      if I compare Current Month and Last Month it's correct but All month It's not working


      Set Analysis Last Month.png

      Please let me know how to do this in Qlik Sense.


      Thanks in advance.