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    If statement - ignore filters on a field Qlik sense

    Sofia Vaz

      Hi all,


      Is there any way to ignore the active filters on a sheet, for a table with an if statement?


      For example, I have a filters made on my app that mades AllocYear = 2018. But, at one of the app sheet's, there's table that discriminates some orders and I'm using something like this expression:


      = If (OrdStat = 'CONFIRM' and Today ()> LateDisp and FinUnits <OrdUnits and InternalServPfeYn = 'N' and InternalServExternalPi = 'N', ItemOrd)


      I wanted to add something that would ignore the fact that I have the AllocYear = 2018 made and would make me consider all the orders for AllocYear = 2018 and 2017.


      Thank You.