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    Qlik-Sense: QVD's and Inline Loads

    Dennis Odenbreit



      I am using Inline-Loads inside the data load editor to load and store data.

      This looks like:







              [ '$(header)'







      [$(aPath).qvd] (qvd);


      At the beginning of the data load editor script the code above works very well.

      Unfortunatelly it somehow makes a difference how much code in the data load editor has been processed (why?).

      The qvd saves for some reason the following data:








      This Lineage Info is getting more and more as the data load editor script is processed.

      This does for once store data that should not be stored (making a 5KB file into a 100KB+ file),

      it also reveals code (For example SQL scripts) from the loading script for no reason I can imagine .


      My question therefor is why LineageInfo is stored into qvds and how to negate this.

      Is this caused by the script above or by some qlik-sense setting?