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    Rolling X Months does  not work with value list

    Denis LOMAKIN

      Hello Community,

      I have a variable that creating conditions for rolling x Months

      Looks like this:VRollMonth = [Survey Year]=,[Survey Month]=,[Survey Date]= ,[Survey Month Year]={">$(=monthend(AddMonths(Max([Survey Date]),-$(vNumRollinMonth))))<=$(=Max([Survey Date]))"}

      When vNumRollinMonth it the number that user can change to choose how many months back they want to go.

      Then I create bar chart with [Survey Month Year] as dimension one and Dealer Code as Dimension two.

      My expression is like this sum({<$(vRollMonthCSE)>}(msrConvenienceIndexQuestionPoints1)). and this works fine when I choose any Months the chart displays all the data by Months based on vNumRollinMonth that user chooses..

      not value list.PNG

      But I need to create a chart with second dimension as Value list.

      So my chart will be: First dimension: [Survey Month Year] , second Dimension: ValueList('All','Dealer Zone') and the measure is

      if(ValueList('All','Dealer Zone')= 'All', sum({<$(vRollMonthCSE)>}(msrConvenienceIndexQuestionPoints1)),

      if(ValueList('All','Dealer Zone')= 'Dealer Zone',sum({<$(vRollMonthCSE)>}(msrConvenienceIndexIndexScore)))).

      But in that case when I choose a month the chart shows only the selected months and does not show all the other months form the selected back based on vNumRollinMonth .

      value list.PNG

      Any Ideas why?

      Please help