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    Partial data shown in Table object

    Gilbert Linsen

      Dear all,


      Recently I started tutorials in Qlikview. In order to test I created a Qlikview file for managing footballplayers in their teams. Our clubs are merging and the youth is where the first real cooperation is visible.


      So I have three Excelfiles as data sources:


      Club A and Club B, both containing all members of the club, junior and senior,

      Team table, containing teams, players and coaches


      Shared fields are:

      Relationnr - unique,



      Day of Birth,



      Mobile Phone,



      When I select a team, the table on my desktop shows only partial data. Fields 'Geboren' (Year of birth) and 'Woonplaats' (Place) are not complete. However, the data shown for both fields is always a combination of these fields.


      Looking forward to every suggestion!!!


      Gilbert Linsen

        • Re: Partial data shown in Table object
          Radovan Oresky

          Hi Gilbert,


          Trouble is probably caused by the Synthetic key (Syn1), because you probably don't get data association you need by combining all these fields.


          When creating table associations, it's always the best to associate by just a singe field (which can also be a composite key = combination of multiple fields).


          It really depends on what you want to achieve, but I would first suggest you use Concatenate statement to put all 3 tables into one and see how that will work for you.


          Second option is to use Qualify statement, to differentiate fields with the same name in different tables and only use the "Relatienr" to associate them.


          Hope this helps,