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    color by average

    Kenneth Holden

      (Count(distinct([CREATED_DT.autoCalendar.Date]))/((Count({<supervisor=>}TOTAL distinct([CREATED_DT.autoCalendar.Date])))*.75))


      the above is an expression that works.


      I am now trying to color by average of this column the text color.


      For a color expression, how do i tell qlik to color anything above average as green and anything below average as red.



        • Re: color by average
          omar bensalem

          what the dimension you're using in the chart where u're using this chart?


          Let's say it called MyDimension:

          in this chart, under adds on, create a reference line as follow( to test if we're doing things well?)


          Avg(All aggr((Count(distinct([CREATED_DT.autoCalendar.Date]))/((Count({<supervisor=>}TOTAL distinct([CREATED_DT.autoCalendar.Date])))*.75)),MyDimension))

          and as an expression color:

          if((Count(distinct([CREATED_DT.autoCalendar.Date]))/((Count({<supervisor=>}TOTAL distinct([CREATED_DT.autoCalendar.Date])))*.75))

          >= Avg(All aggr((Count(distinct([CREATED_DT.autoCalendar.Date]))/((Count({<supervisor=>}TOTAL distinct([CREATED_DT.autoCalendar.Date])))*.75)),MyDimension))

          , green(), red())

          per analogy to my data, the resutlt would be: