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    Can Qlik Sense write and read .QVW's?

    Ashley Hogan

      I understand that Qlik Sense is capable of reading and writing .qvd's without an issue, but I'm interesting in hearing what people have to say about Qlik Sense's ability to read and write .qvw's. I know it's possible for QlikView to write a .qvw and Qlik Sense can read it if you convert it to a .qvf, but all of the UI contents are lost. That's less than ideal...


      Ultimately, I am trying to save the UI in a Qlik Sense application as a .qvw to reuse in another application's UI, all in the same Qlik Sense server. There are several things on the front-end that need to transfer, including master dimensions and calculations in dimensions.


      Thanks for any advice!