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    Missing function categories

    Michael Cosby



      I'm still fairly new to Qlik and was doing some work to prove out the conversion of some reports to Qlik.  I initially did the work in the Qlik Sense Desktop application.  As I was trying to leverage this as a learning exercise I tried using the Data Manager to add a calculated field using an if statement to give some defined values based on thresholds.  All worked fine.


      After I was comfortable I switched over to the Qlik Sense web app, and went about recreating the app.  This is where I run into an issue that I'm not sure is something I did, a permissions issue, or an installation issue.

      When I go to recreate the calculated field, I paste in the calculation expression from the desktop app and it tells me that it does not recognize the < symbol.  So when I tried to recreate the expression it gives me an error that it does not recognize if.


      Looking at the drop down of available functions, it looks like I only have String, Date, Formatting, and Interpretation functions.  How do I go about getting things like the Conditional Functions to show up?