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    Trying to connect Oracle Database

    Syed Hashim



      New to QlikSense, trying to connect my Oracle 11g db, using the same steps, as mentioned here:


      But the problem is Oracle ODBC driver is not visible from MS ODBC admin.


      Landed to this page: How to create ODBC connection to Oracle


      And followed the process to download and tried to install, but instead of 11g, did 12c - is this a problem?


      One change, instead of 11g, downloaded 12_2 ODBC driver, these 2 files:

      1. Instant Client Package - Basic: All files required to run OCI, OCCI, and JDBC-OCI applications

      Download instantclient-basic-windows.x64- (75,062,441 bytes) (cksum - 1462971172)

      2. Instant Client Package - ODBC Updated 9/20/2017: Additional libraries for enabling ODBC applications

      Download instantclient-odbc-windows.x64- (804,715 bytes) (cksum - 1844846476)


      As mentioned in the steps, created a folder: C:\oracle\instantclient_12_2


      Saved both extracted files contents here, but when trying to install, it's giving this msg:


      Oracle ODBC Driver with same name already exists.


      And when checking at MS ODBC admin, it's only showing Sql Server, not showing Oracle, please advise/guide, how to fix this problem, or if I'm doing anything wrong here.


      Thanks in advance.