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    Date is text in Nprinting and Qlik when using applymap

    Raghu Rao

      Based on previous input , trying to format date in Qliksense data model itself instead of Nprinting excel template as formatting does not work here even though the check box to keep source formatting is unchecked for the table.

      However when i use apply map function to get the date from a table, no matter what i do it still comes out as text in both Qlik data model  when exported to excel and Nprinting.

      Default date format is 'MM/DD/YYYY'

      Script i am using currently is (also tried just using hard coded date of 12/31/2049)


      let defdate = date('12/31/2049');

      NullAsValue sod__dte02,idh__dte02,[PO Manufacturing Due Date];

      set Nullvalue = $(defdate);



          ApplyMap('Sales',pod_project,date($(defdate))) as [PO Manufacturing Due Date],

      from ...


      Not sure what i am doing wrong here.


      Users have to convert the column to date every day when they receive the report which they would like to avoid.

      Please help!!!!