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    Dimension Expression with aggregation grouping

    vidya sagar malla

      Hi All,


      Hope you guys are doing fantastic. I have a simple requirement. Below is the simple Dimension Expression I want to add it to the 100% stacked Bar chart. Unfortunately, I am not getting the right results. Is something wrong with the expression?


      =if(Aggr(Sum(FUNDBALANCE),COMPANY,PLANYEAR)>500000000 ,'Greater Than $500M',

      if(Aggr(Sum(FUNDBALANCE),COMPANY,PLANYEAR)<50000000 ,'Less Than $50M',

      if(Aggr(Sum(FUNDBALANCE),COMPANY,PLANYEAR)>=200000000 and Aggr(Sum(FUNDBALANCE),COMPANY,PLANYEAR)<500000000 ,'$200-$500M',

      if(Aggr(Sum(FUNDBALANCE),COMPANY,PLANYEAR)>=50000000 and Aggr(Sum(FUNDBALANCE),COMPANY,PLANYEAR)<200000000 ,'$50-$200M'))))


      Please find the attached image for reference. This logic is working fine in other BI tools like Tibco Spotfire but not sure how to build this one in Qlik Sense. A help would be much appreciated.