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    Ignore of particular field selection

    Adam Hájek

      Hello, I have a question about ignoring a particular filter selection,
      Lets say that i have a simple calculated table like this:


      TimeStamp (Atucalendar driven)IDValue1Value 2calculated value
      1.1.2018 15:0015510
      2.1.2018 16:002101020
      3.1.2018 17:003202030


      but when I will apply some timestamp autocalendar filter like Time = 3.1.2018 with multiple ID filters like ID =1,2,3; the table goes like this :



      TimeStamp (Atucalendar driven)IDCValue1CValue 2calculated value3
      1.1.2018 15:001000
      2.1.2018 16:002000
      3.1.2018 17:003202030


      The qlik did it probably right according to filters, because the data in 1.1. and 2.1 Rows were not included in filter value Time = 3.1.2018, But i need that all of the rows selected by ID filter values will remain calculated no matter of timestamp filter value...

      Is that possible to do that and any ideas how ?
      Thanks in advance