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    Remove multiple columns with filter while Load data - Syntax

    Alexander Timeev



      I'm trying to Load cross table

      with a script by KostinSergey

      from this thread  How to load a cross table with two headers?


      CrossTable(atr, Data, 2)
      LOAD * FROM
      ooxml, no labels, table is Sheet1, filters(
      Remove(Row, RowCnd(Interval, Pos(Top, 2), Pos(Bottom, 1), Select(1, 0)))
      store S1 into S1.txt(txt);
      drop Table S1;



      here we remove Rows, but I need to remove Columns also


      I can remove one Column: Remove(Col, Pos(Top, 5))

      what syntax is for Removing Multiple Columns

      but what syntax is for Removing multiple columns ?