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    Nested If can we use to show multiple records in single row for different column

    Karim Khan

      Hi All,


          I have one requirement my case is getting refers to multiple department and I wanted to show them into a single row.For e.g

      If I have attended class A then it will show as 'YES' and then I moved to Class B then it will show 'YES' and I was not there in class C,D and E so it will pickup 'NO' .

           In other scenario suppose I was present in  A,C,D and E then it will show 'YES' and for B it will show 'NO' and so..on.

      Now my concern is that here am getting multiple rows for single Roll_No .I wanted to show the O/P in single row with all combination of 'YES' & 'NO' If will go for IF statement it will create a essay of code which I don't wanna prefer and i don't know will it be feasible or not.







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