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    100% Stacked Bar not working Qlik Sense

    Hugo Oliveira

      Hi everybody


      So I've allready read some articles for the 100% stacked bar, and none of them solved may problem.


      I have a stacked chart with the following data.

      note: Empresa is shown from a function, shown below.



      =If (Match(Empresa,'a','b','c'),

      If ([Y/M_End]='',

      If (Match([Faixa Etária],'< 25 Years','>= 25 e < 35 Years','>= 35 e < 40 Years','>= 40 Years'),Empresa)))


      Faixa Etária


      and for the calculation:


      Count(User)/Count(Total <Empresa> User)


      However it doesn's give me a total 100% by Empresa but a total on the full chart.


      qlik chart.PNG

      Additionally, is it possible to show the percentages on each part instead of the all amount?


      Thank you very muche in advance.


      Best Regards,