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    Error connecting to server (404) GeoAnalytics

    Mónica Alejandra Yedra Almazán

      We have a server with GeoAnalytics and other server with Qlik Sense that communicated between, when I dragged the map in app, I changed the server URL of https://maps.qlikcloud.com/ to //MyServerGeoAnalytics.com, but the map displayed " "Error connecting to server (404)"

      This problem presented when I upgrade the version of Qlik Sense Server 3.2 to Qlik Server June

      I'm using Qlik Sense June 2017

      I have a Geoanalytics license

      In the Qlik Sense Server I installed: QvIdevioConnector version and GeoAnalytics Plus version November 2017.

      In the GeoAnalytics Server, I installed: Qlik GeoAnalytics Server, version 4.5.1, Release November 2017

      The same, we tried the url web and it is ok

      Both servers communicate to Local Qlik GeoAnalytics

      Both servers are for https

      and both are using port 443

      Attached images

      Port 443 and 80.png


      Error connectiong to server GEOA_1.pngServer GeoAnalytics.pngFriendly Geoanalytics.png

      How to fix this problem?