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    How to export all columns of data into Excel

    Joe Muente

      I've got a pretty basic dashboard I'm working on, with a couple charts and a table as visualizations.  My whole dataset is over 20 columns wide, but each visualization uses just a few of them.  On the sheet I can right click on any visualization and chose export data and easily get it to an Excel sheet, but the export will just include the columns relevant to the visualization I started with.  Is there a way to export ALL columns into a spreadsheet, not just the handful that are displayed in the visualization?

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          Luis Madriz

          Hi Joe,


          I haven't been able to do it, so my workaround is creating a straight table as the last sheet for downloading purposes, I put the other little KPIs such as number of records, etc. As Excel struggles with more that 1M records I advise users if the number of records exceeds that amount...


          I hope this helps,