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    Bar Chart with accomplished tasks

    Krzysztof Tyrakowski

      Hello QV Experts,


      I need to create metric showing performance of tasks each working day.

      Tasks are done by 3 people:

      - first person working from 0:00 till 7:59

      - second person working from 8:00 till 15:59

      - third person working from 16:00 till 23:59


      In the X-axis I have days, each day contains three bars (1,2,3 person) and they show performence (amount of tasks done that day/all task assigned to the person that day)

      If the task comes on 22/12/2017 16:30 it should be done by person 3, but if it has not been done by person 3 it should goes to person 1 (if done by person 1 it should be included to his performence as task done on 23/12/2017), afterwards (if still not done) to person 2 and so on unitl the task is completed

      Example of the table:

      task122/12/2017 16:3023/12/2017 11:00
      task209/01/2018 12:20null
      task306/01/2018  06:00null
      task412/12/2017 15:0013/12/2017 14:00
      task514/12/2017 9:0015/12/2017 6:00
      task603/12/2017 14:006/12/2017 11:00


      I have problem with the script. How to make that task (TaskStartDate) will be moving from one person to another until is done? Should I use some loop? Could you please advise how it should look like?


      Thanks in advance for your comments