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    nPrinting PDF Output Problem

    Giles Walker

      Hi Forum


      Qlik NPrinting June 2017, Version: 17.4.0000.0

      Qlik Sense 3.2 SR4, qliksenseserver: 10.28.2


      Experienced a strange issue today with nPrinting.  Basically, I am outputting data to an email using nPrinting - it is set up to produce both Excel and PDF attachments.  I have done this before, always with success, and I am not a novice.


      In this particular situation, the output in 1 chart in Excel is correct, but the exact same chart in PDF shows different view.




      Excel Prob.jpg





      PDF Prob.jpg


      The charts are referring to a pivot table in Excel, so there is no range selected per se, just the pivot table name.  Something in the PDF generation process is corrupting the output.


      I have reviewed and reviewed and reviewed the Excel and nPrint setup and everything looks right and consistent with everything I always do, and the rest of the charts in the document render with no issues.  I have also removed and replaced all the charts and tables, updated the table links in nPrinting, but no success.  I wouldn't mind if my excel was showing an issue, but its perfect......just convert to PDF process is fractured.  I have also rebooted the server nPrint sits on, but no change to the problem.


      Really strange.  Any advice or thoughts?