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    Custom login page

    Siddharth Sheshadri



      I have created a custom login page with GitHub - johsund/Qliklogin: Sample login solution based on Node.JS for Qlik Sense with LDAP authentication


      This is the first time I've tried something like this.


      I am able to authenticate users however after authentication, the redirect URI is https://servername/hub. When it reaches there and because of the default virtual proxy, it is taking me back to the default login page.


      I think I'm missing something, where do I configure to inform Qlik that the user is already authenticated.

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          Gustav Gager


          You need to create a new virtual proxy and make sure that it uses ticket authentication. Then you add the URL to that VP as redirect URL in the config.js file.

          That way, when you go to the VP URL, you get redirected to your login-page and then you get redirected back (with a valid ticket) and then you can enter the hub.