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    What am I doing wrong here

    John Jackson

      I have attached an app where I have tried to create a bubble chart similar to what hic has beautifully illustrated here Creating a Scatter Chart. but I have failed so far.


      below are the requirements

      X-axis - Time (I have aggregated time stamps)

      Y-axis - Count(TRANSACTION_DATE)

      size of bubble - to be determined by sum(Revenue)

      and I want to see all these by Regions.


      Issue: I tried to put Count(TRANSACTION_DATE) in the Y axis, but just could not. Y axis is always taken by Region.

      Count of Transaction_date is the frequency of transaction and I want to measure that in the Y axis. how to make that possible.

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          Henric Cronström

          You have chosen "Grid chart" instead of Scatter chart.





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              John Jackson

              Thank you Henric. I am making improvements.

              After changing the chart type to grid chart, i checked advanced mode box and it allowed me to include 3 expressions:


              1) this is my x axis where i want to see time (time stamp aggregated to day- level). but it is not understanding my expression (which is correct) that aggregates. its not letting simple transaction_date in the x-axis either. its counting transaction_date which is supposed to happen only in the 2nd expression


              2) count(transaction_date): i intend to treat this expn. as Y-axis which is working well


              3) sum(revenue): this is supposed to determine the bubble size, which is as expected.


              one last issue: the bubbles are connected with a straight line as well. how to get rid of that.