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    UDC configure to app postgres database

    Winnie Chan

      Dear Experts,


      I have a PostgresSQL database on a separate IP and I want to configure the our Qlik Sense User Directory Connector to read the database. The goal is that when people login on our app, they can access to Qlik Sense with the same credentials.


      After a few struggle, I am getting an "operation has timed out.." error:


      From the log in C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Log\Repository\Trace\QLIK-DEV-01_UserMangement_Repository.txt, it also shows warning. However, it is sadly doesn't have enough information for me to debug:

      80 20180111T205344.692+0000 INFO qlik-dev-01 UserManagement.Repository.Repository.Users.Factories.UserDirectoryFactory 57 acff7a8f-7d75-4f79-ba28-b3d790c78014 QLIK-DEV-01\QlikSenseServAdmin Connection creation verified. acff7a8f-7d75-4f79-ba28-b3d790c78014

      81 20180111T205344.701+0000 INFO qlik-dev-01 UserManagement.Repository.Repository.Users.Factories.UserDirectoryFactory 57 7858970f-43a9-4da4-b3f0-44486b89d1a1 QLIK-DEV-01\QlikSenseServAdmin Connection open verified. 7858970f-43a9-4da4-b3f0-44486b89d1a1

      82 20180111T205414.691+0000 WARN qlik-dev-01 UserManagement.Repository.Repository.Users.Factories.UserDirectoryFactory 34 4f8b9c0f-0916-4421-a753-d2bcd6d99614 QLIK-DEV-01\QlikSenseServAdmin Setting up UDC'WEBAPP' of type Repository.UserDirectoryConnectors.ODBC.ODBC unsuccessful The operation has timed out.    at Repository.Users.SafeUserDirectoryConnector.CallWithTimeout[T](Func`1 func, TimeSpan timeout)↵↓   at Repository.Users.SafeUserDirectoryConnector.Setup(Logger logger)↵↓   at Repository.Users.Factories.UserDirectoryFactory.TrySetupUserDirectory(UserDirectory userDirectory) 4f8b9c0f-0916-4421-a753-d2bcd6d99614


      I'm using the built-in Qlik-postgres driver, and providing actual IP for the server to avoid DNS issue. See attachment for my connection string, do I need to configure something else?


      The user table and attributes table are located in the database=appdbstaging, schema=webapp, user table name=qlik_user, attributes table name=qlik_user_attribute

      The content of qlik_user and qlik_user_attribute are simply following Qlik example: