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    Removing Junk Data and Files from Chart

    Suraj R

      Hello All,


      I have a query with regard to cleaning up the data received before any operation is carried out on it.


      Currently, the raw data has a lot of junk values that is not required for analysis. (Due to delayed/incorrect sensor measurements). Please refer below screenshot: (Multiple graphs are plotted on a single chart)



      All values present below 1800 and all values above 8500 on the x-axis are considered junk. My intention is to remove these values out completely i.e. using a button: When it's pressed, all files containing these junk data ranges must be removed from the graph and therefore, we would have a cleaner graph to carry out analysis.


      I could only use a conditional statement like: if( [Y1]<8500 or [Y1]>1500, Only(Y1)). But, it only deletes a small range of the values.and the remaining data Information of that file is still present on the plot.


      Does anyone have any ideas with regard to implementing the above objective?


      Have attached sample files for your reference.