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    Custom Load function

    Marko Zadravec



      I need to reload data from REST API, inside application, when I select some data (and press a button).


      So my question has two parts:



      If I have multiple LOAD Sections, I would like to initially load only first 3 and then after button press another 3.

      The first part is ok, because I can do

      Exit Script

      For second part I would need to use something like GO TO or something like this, in custom widget.

      Do any one have some experience with this?



      After I go to right section in LOAD sections, I need to call REST API with selected data in body.

      I try with

      CUSTOM CONNECT TO ["Provider=QVRestConnector.exe;url='http://www.....'];

      but I can't found working tutorial for it. What I need to work with custom connectors?

      Second part is to get filtered data in LOAD script. (for example, if I select 3 items, I would like to send (get inside load script) those 3 items in body of the custom connector.)


      Have anyone experience with this?