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    Qlikview Personal edition reload with Windows task scheduler

    sandeep movva

      Hi Guy,

      I am on PE at the moment, My requirement while evaluating Qlik for our company is below, Please can anybody help me on this


      I have a very small amount of data from csv file, Now I have created couple of charts and want this to be automatically reload and update the records. The idea is to open the desktop edition on a screen in the office and schedule the reload every 15 mins so that the records gets updated, I have successfully made it to reload with -r command but this is not updating the records while the document is open, I also tried command L which always opens a new instance of desktop and updates the record but doesn't save the qvw which is fine, but am struggling to find a way to not open new instance but to show in the current open qvw (desktop itself), Is there a way to do this please...


      Thanks for your help