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    Problem with Qlik REST Connector (@Post)

    omar bensalem

      Hi all, ( bmw ):


      I want to send a request body to my WS ; to do so here's how I proceed:

      let vAlertDate= '"2018-01-11"';

      let vAlertDate = replace(vAlertDate,'"', chr(34)&chr(34));

      // let vAlertDate = replace(vAlertDate,'-', chr(45)); I even tried to add this to replace the '-' in the date...



      LIB CONNECT TO 'Invalid Alerts (@post)';





      FROM JSON (wrap on) "root" WITH CONNECTION(

      BODY "$(vAlertDate)"



      LOAD [Result] AS [Result]

      RESIDENT RestConnectorMasterTable;



      DROP TABLE RestConnectorMasterTable;


      but I always have this:


      In my connection; I added this to prevent the timeout..


      when I test the Web service, it works fine:



      But now, even when I want to test the connection in the qlik rest connector connection, I have the timeout message while It worked fine when I first tested it (if It did not, I wouldn't be able to create the connection...)

      my boday request that first worked:






      Same error (obviously) when I try to reload the app:




      What should I do to prevent this???