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    About show help.

      Hello Everyone,


      If you could help me in this.

      I need to add a button in my application, and when the User clicks the button it should open a text object to show the requirements of the Project.

      Like a notification objects,. Is that possible, if yes than how?


      Thanks everyone for such a wonderful co-operation.



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          Kaushik Solanki



              You can create a varibale, which will be used to enable and disable your  text box.


               Here is an example



          Kaushik Solanki

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            Erich Shiino

            You can call a pop up (similar to the alerts)

            The macro code will be like this:


            sub popup

            ActiveDocument.ShowPopup "Hi there", 2000

            end sub


            The syntax is:

            ActiveDocument.ShowPopup text, timeout in miliseconds, background color (index), text color (index), icon (index)



            Pop-up  background color (index)
                0   =   yellow
                1   =   white
                2   =   gray
                3   =   blue
                4   =   pink
            Pop-up  text color (index)
                0   =   black
                1   =   white
            Pop-up  icon (index)
                0   =   no icon
                1   =   info
                2   =   questionmark
                3   =   warning
                4   =   error