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    Include only blank or or <null> values on load

    Tom Golding

      Sorrry, newbie and self taught with Qlick Sense.  Hopefully will outline correctly what is needed.


      I know there have been several discussion around this and I have tried various suggested solutions but to no avail.  I am accessing data through sql file, there is one field labeled "ReversalIndicator" that includes the following values; '1', '2', and a blank or null.  I would like to only include the blank or null fields on the load script but am unable to figure how to do so.  I understand that Qlik doesn't recognize blank or null fields unless you tell it to so I have done the following;



      added to set analysis

      SET NullValue=',Unkown'


      Added at the top of the load statement

      NullAsValue ReversalIndicator;



      I currently have a Where statement already included;


      PaidHistory where Filldate>='date' and ReversalIndicator='<Unknown>'


      Thanks for any help or guidance.