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    Section Access Issue - Not sure what to do?

    Denis Woods



      I have the attached Document which is report based on Engineer Utilisation. I want to create a Section Access which is based on the user from which country they are  from i.e. FR = France, UK = United Kingdom.


      I have issue where if I do a section access it is not bringing all the results that I require.


      For Example if I select EngineerID (EngCal) "CEN160", the Engineer Utilisation Detail will show all the resullts I want to see; but once I click on DB = "FR", it removes the rows that are not assoicated to a call no? I still want thes to appear and not sure what the best way round this?


      i.e. change the Table design, or can I create a second section access table that looks at the Eng Cal Db and one that looks at the Key Event Table? If that actually would help?