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    Ignore filter on X axis for cumulative graph

    Haidar Haj Ali

      Hello Qlick community,


      I need your help concerning my problem.

      I am using Qlik sense.


      I have 2 tables, a table which is my calendar reference and containing first day of each month. A second table containing 3 fields: KEY, CREATION DATE.


      I have created a cumulative graph to  have the sum off all created KEY each month:

      DIM: = [Reference Date.autoCalendar.Year] & '-' & [Reference Date.autoCalendar.Month]

      MESURE: = RangeSum(Above(COUNT(Distinct if([Reference Date.autoCalendar.YearMonth]=[CREATION DATE.autoCalendar.YearMonth] ,[KEY] )),0,RowNo(TOTAL)))

      I obtain the bellow graph which so far OK:

      Sans titre.png

      My problem is the following, I want to limit the number of month I display to 6 months, I tried to filter the result in dimension, or using filter but it does not work, it ignore all entries before the 6 last months and the graph I obtain is the follow, so I losing 90 KEYs.


      Sans titre.png


      Thanks in advance.