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    Interval Match help

    yusuuf rawat

      I have a table with



      Load * inline [

      Min , Max , Debit_Rate, Credit_rate

      .0 , 1000 , 10% , 20%........



      the rates only apply to monthly total so i loaded my data with group by statement


      Load Sum( Amt) as Total_for_month ,



      resident transaction

      groub by   Debit_Or_Credit ,Month_year;


      interval match(Total_for_month )

      load Min ,


      resident Rate;


      the script runs without errors , but some of the results are incorrect .


      Sometimes people pass a second parameter in the interval match , when do i need to do that?


      Message was edited by: yusuuf rawat Attachment added Table needs to show on one line eg Merchant , debit , credit , rate1, rate 2 instread of same merchant on 2 lines The values are also incorrect