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    Help required to resolve following issues with qlik sense visualizations

    vikas mahajan

      Hi all,

      We are in developing apps in qlik sense oct version in server for this apps we are facing following issues :


      1. How to draw a band on top on the side
      2. How to add a hamburger menu
      3. How to change the page length so that charts can go one below the other – i.e. we want a dashboard that can scroll down
      4. How to over layer objects including text boxes and images on top of each other
      5. How to change the type of filter – radio , drop down etc.
      6. How to align the text inside the filter i.e right align , left align
      7. How to get a wider pallet of colors for charts and text
      8. How to draw a stacked chart
      9. How to draw a stacked chart with leader lines
      10. How to remove the default warnings in the footer of the charts
      11. How to change the chart type from line to line with markers and make markers thick , triangle, circle etc.
      12. How to put funnel Logo inside filter
      13. How to get different colours for filter selection
      14. How to get data labels in combo chart. - New version can resolve??