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    Calculate overall availability

    krishna b

      Hi All,


      I’m working for poc. My kips are overall availability and unavailability for device and Location wise.

      I have Unavailable data(which are in Down). I need availability of that devices and 100% availability of the rest of the devices (which are not in Down). How to do this.


      Below code is only for affected Devices. i need same data with 100% Availability of Devices which are not in Down.



          Date(Affected_Date,'MM/DD/YYYY')as Affected_Date,

          Month(Affected_Date) as Affected_Month,

          Year(Affected_Date) as Affected_Year,

          MonthEnd(Affected_Date) as MonthEnd,

          "Affected Device",

          "Affected Location",

          "Affected Location" as $geoname,

          Time( "From   ",'h:mm') as From,

          Time("To  ",'h:mm') as TO,

          interval(time("To  ", 'hh:mm') - time("From   ", 'hh:mm'), 'hh:mm:ss')as "Outage Duration",

         ((interval(time("To  ", 'hh:mm') - time("From   ", 'hh:mm'), 'hh:mm'))/time('24:00', 'hh:mm'))*100 as Unavailability%,

          Interval(time('24:00', 'hh:mm')- (time("To  ", 'hh:mm') - time("From   ", 'hh:mm')),'hh:mm')as "Overall Availability",

         ((Interval(time('24:00', 'hh:mm')- (time("To  ", 'hh:mm') - time("From   ", 'hh:mm')),'hh:mm'))/time('24:00', 'hh:mm'))*100 as "Overall Availability%"




      FROM [lib://QVD/Unavailable_info.QVD]





      Pls help me.




      1. Krishna.